Halfmarathon (21,100m) Saturday, October 21st 2023

Starting time: 19:30

Route description:The race starts at Nikis Avenue at the height of Eleftherias Square. The Halfmarathon route follows the streets: Nikis Avenue, October 30th, Megalou Alexandrou Avenue, 180-degree turn about at Georgiou Papandreou Avenue, Megalou Alexandrou Avenue, right turn in 3rd Septemvriou Str., left turn and entrance to Adronikou Str., Tsimiski, Politechniou, 180-degree turn and entrance to Karatasou Str., continues to Kountouriotou Str and Nikis Avenue. At this point the runners complete the first round. Running the particular route twice, the runners finish at the Statue of Alexander the Great (Nikis Av.)

Participation right

In order to participate in the Halfmarathon, the athletes have to be at least 18 years old (to be born in 2005 or earlier)

Medical Services

In any case, the runners take part in the race on their own responsibility.

The organizers are not responsible for anything that may happen during the race, concerning health issues due to lack of preventive medical check.

It is highly recommended to the athletes to proceed to all the appropriate medical examinations.

The organization will not ask for medical assurance, as all the athletes participate on their own responsibility and the under-aged athletes on their guardians’ responsibility.

Refueling Stops (support stations)

Along the HalfMarathon and 5.000m course there will be Refueling Stops (support stations) for the runners as they are described in each race map.

Bottled water will be given to all athletes at the start, at the finish as well as at the support stations throughout the route.

Kilometer Markers

There are Km-markers at every kilometer concerning the Halfmarathon route.

Finishing time limit

The time limit for the Halfmarathon is three hours (runners should finish until 21.00).

Electronic Time Control – Results

The results of both races and the electronic time control will be conducted by an official time control company.

Thus, all the runners should wear their bib numbers chips
with the embedded time chip which they will receive from the Registration Center.

Runners have to pick up their registration number (bib) with the embedded time chip and the runner’s pack exclusively from the Registration Center.